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The Trafigura Super-Injunction.

In English tort law, a super-injunction is a type of injunction that prevents publication of information that is in issue and also prevents the reporting of the fact that the injunction exists at all. The term was coined by a Guardian journalist covering the Trafigura controversy. 19/10/2009 · Trafigura and the Minton Report: 'Super injunction' was lifted after the horse had bolted. Norwegian broadcaster anddefied Trafigura gagging order on UK media. In the last 3 years the Guardian has published over 200 articles relating to Trafigura, the vast majority of which have referred to the “super-injunction” which the company obtained against the newspaper and to Carter-Ruck’s apparent attempts to gag the reporting of Parliament.

21/10/2009 · Trafigura’s lawyers, Carter-Ruck, had gone to court to have an emergency super-injuction imposed against the Guardian to prevent them from publishing details about the Minton report. The report had been commissioned in 2006 by Trafigura to investigate a toxic-dumping incident on the Ivory Coast. The Guardian and Trafigura super-injunction. The first major publicised event involving the use of injunctions to prevent reporting in the UK was in October 2009, when The Guardian newspaper reported that it had been prevented by a legal injunction applied for by London libel lawyers Carter Ruck from covering remarks made in Parliament. 13/10/2009 · The Commons question reveals that Trafigura has obtained a hitherto secret injunction, known as a "super-injunction", to prevent disclosures about toxic oil waste it arranged to be dumped in west Africa in 2006, making thousands of people ill. NAMED AND SHAMED – THE DEMISE OF THE SUPER-INJUNCTION? Richard Spearman QC – 4-5, Gray’s Inn Square – 27 October 2011 The rise and fall of “super-injunctions” The Committee on Super-Injunctions chaired by the Master of the Rolls, Lord Neuberger, was set up in April 2010 in response to concern following two cases. But. 16/10/2009 · Before the settlement announcement, Trafigura's lawyers Carter-Ruck obtained a super-injunction from a judge, banning the Guardian not only from revealing the existence of the Minton report, but also from telling anyone about the existence of the injunction.

18/10/2009 · MPs' 'super-injunction' debate to go ahead. Trafigura: anatomy of a super-injunction. As the gagging order obtained by oil-trading firm Trafigura and law firm Carter-Ruck is published for the first time, the Guardian editor, Alan Rusbridger, offers a clause-by-clause guide. 4 Trafigura and the Probo Koala In 2006 Trafigura time chartered the Probo Koala, a tanker, for the transportation of oil products. The vessel carried out a procedure for caustic washing on several cargoes of one such product, coker.

Judgment: Trafigura v Guardian News and Media 19 10 2011. We had a post last week about the well-known “Trafigura” case – the “super-injunction” which was granted on 11 September 2009 and whose existence was subsequently disclosed in the House of Commons by Paul Farrelly MP. Trafigura is exclusively owned by its management and active employees, who are therefore focused on the long-term success of the business, promoting management depth and stability, and encouraging prudent risk management. An example was the super-injunction raised in September 2009 by Carter-Ruck solicitors on behalf of oil trader Trafigura, prohibiting the reporting of an internal Trafigura report into the 2006 Ivory Coast toxic waste dump scandal. Op 16 november 2012 werd bekend dat tussen het OM en Trafigura een schikking was getroffen, waarmee een einde kwam aan alle nog lopende strafzaken in Nederland. Trafigura diende € 1 miljoen boete te betalen, alsmede € 300.000 wegens de winst op de illegale export.

17/10/2009 · Trafigura said neither they nor Carter-Ruck had "improperly sought to stifle or restrict" debate and reporting. An MP revealed the report's existence to parliament earlier this week after the Guardian was served with a "super-injunction" banning all mention of it. 01/07/2016 · When Dutch company Trafigura obtained a super injunction preventing publication of details of its alleged involvement in an environmental disaster, the existence of the injunction was revealed when Paul Farrelly MP tabled a Parliamentary question about it, bringing it to public attention whilst protected by parliamentary privilege.

Trafigura and the Minton Report'Super.

14/10/2009 · The justice secretary Jack Straw will examine the use of so-called ‘super injunctions’ following yesterday’s Trafigura-Guardian row, the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown told MPs in Parliament today. As reported by PA Mediapoint on Press Gazette,. Trafigura's solicitors informed the Guardian that it would breach the injunction if it reported the question. The Guardian then reported that it was unable to report a parliamentary question. In March 2011 John Hemming MP revealed that Fred Goodwin had obtained a super-injunction. RJW v Guardian News and Media Limited [2009] EWHC 2540 QB also known as Trafigura v Guardian News and Media Limited and better known as the Trafigura case was a 2009 legal action in which Trafigura attempted to use a super-injunction to prevent the press reporting details of toxic waste dumping in the Ivory Coast. Remember Trafigura, the oil company that last year pursuaded the Mr Justice Maddison to grant a ‘super-injunction’ to gag the Guardian and “persons unknown” over allagetions that it had transported toxic waste to West Africa on board the Probo Koala, dumping poisonous caustic soda and petroleum residues there. That’s the same.

  1. The super-injunction In response to The Guardian’s questions, Carter-Ruck on behalf of Trafigura, applied for the now infamous super-injunction against the newspaper and ‘persons unknown’ to prevent publication of any-thing about the Minton Report, including its contents or the fact of its existence.28.
  2. 16/10/2009 · The super-injunction, so-called because its existence was also declared secret, prevented the paper from publishing details of a report commissioned in 2006 by Trafigura into a toxic-dumping incident in Ivory Coast.

09/12/2009 · Trafigura had kept this report secret. When it learnt that the Guardian wanted to publish the report, Carter-Ruck approached the London high court and succeeded in obtaining an emergency so-called “super injunction” against the newspaper in a private hearing. The 2006 Ivory Coast toxic waste dump was a health crisis in Ivory Coast in which a ship registered in Panama, the Probo Koala, chartered by the Singaporean-based oil and commodity shipping company Trafigura Beheer BV, offloaded toxic waste to an Ivorian waste handling company which disposed of it at the port of Abidjan. Angela Malan-Revell's List: Trafigura Oil Dumping and Information Control - The Use of a Super-Injunction - Trafigura have been involved in oil dumping in Cote d'Ivoire and have attempted to suppress all publicity of the case in the media through the use of a super-injunction. Trafigura Pte Ltd is a Singaporean multinational commodity trading company founded in 1993 that trades in base. List of privacy injunction cases in English law, List of traded commodities, List of trading companies. Streisand effect, Super-injunctions in English law, Tan Chin Hwee, Tanjung Langsat Port, The Guardian, Thomas.

19/04/2010 · It seems inconceivable that, if asked, any judge would grant such an injunction. The Trafigura injunction, of course, made no mention of Parliament. A super-injunction was also granted temporarily in the John Terry case but was discharged by the judge on his own initiative the following week see Terry v Persons Unknown [2010] EWHC 119 QB. 跨国公司 Trafigura 通过律师行 Carter-Ruck 向高等法院申请“超级禁制令”super-injunction一案,在星期一开始,在网络和媒体上掀起一阵风暴,用《卫报》主编 Alan Rusbridger的话说,“这以后会写进商业学院的教科书中”,成为企业公关的反面教材。.

The now abandoned Trafigura / Carter-Ruck "super injunction" saga and its associated Streisand effect continues: This is the pathetic Government Written Answer to one of the Parliamentary Written Questions which were asked by Paul Farrelly MP at the same time as the one which Carter-Ruck attempted to suppress the reporting of.

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